Donald M. Sanders
13524 Smokestone Street
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91739-2018
(909) 899-2771


Systems Senior Analyst / Web Developer

Summary of technical experience:

  • Over 20 years of experience in the analysis, design and programming of custom business applications for small, medium and large organizations.?
  • Exceptional skills in understanding client needs and offer sound solutions with long term benefits.
  • Excellent Project Management skills.
  • Highly skilled with Microsoft development tools such as, ASP.Net, Visual Studio.Net 2002, 2005, 2010, MS Access 2000, 2002, 2007, Excel, MS Sequel Server, web interface, system security, along with some exposure with PHP and MySQL.

Epic Management, L.P. (June 2014 to February 2015) Consultant and programmer for Heath Care I.T. Services organization through Robert Half Technology. Created program from interviews and government documents. The software took data from MS SQL database to create correctly formatted 837 encounter claims. The resultant output ASCII files are sent to insurance companies and clearing houses, but are ultimately sent on successfully to Medicare. Used Ajax, Javascript with and Visual Studio 2010.

DMS Systems, Inc. - Sept. 2012 to June 2014
Contract Programmer juggling work between several different companies. None of the dates below in parenthesis were for work done as contiguous contracts. See below for previous employment with DMS Systems, Inc.

City of Anaheim: (June 2013 to July 2013) Contract programmer: Created interface to convert data from newer Access 2007 data using VBA and and MS Access to/from older 1997 version of various Access data formats.

Inter-Connecting Automation Inc. (September 2012 to January 2014) On going upgrades and improvements in the software project. Used VS 2010 and (desktop) to create software for data logger configuration software collecting data from program logic Controllers. Software to help users input the proper data entry to exact configuration. This is Windows OOP software using the latest techniques involving collections, interfaces, regular expressions, hash tables, etc.

Contract:, and programmer for KSP, Inc. Front and back web & data design for long running casino entertainment provider enterprise automation system to enable KSP to take on five times more clients than they could have without the software.
  • Extensive Event and performer schedules
  • Daily changing Entertainer schedule tracking and work summaries
  • Entertainer Bi-weekly and YTD payment summaries
  • Payroll service interface
  • Specialized custom budgets
  • Detailed service oriented invoicing
  • On-line confirmations for entertainer schedules
  • In-house messaging system
  • Mass event audio & video file uploads that feed directly into promotional web pages
  • On-line e-Commerce concert ticket processing system
  • Vendor expense tracking
  • Automatic data downloads for MS Access custom and standard reporting
  • On-line real time Profit & Loss reporting
  • Stage equipment location tracking and inventory
  • Entertainer searches and profiles
  • Customized real time multi-location budget tracking
  • Enabled event planning and collaborative real time budgeting across the globe
Contract Visual Studio 2010 programmer for Bold Educational Software. Created and designed desktop software in Windows to help doctoral students.
  • Software follows 271 page American Psychological Association Manual
  • Integrated VBA with Visual Basic dot net
  • Extensive Manipulation of text within MS Word document
  • Programmed over 100 reference table formats for citing sources
  • Automatically backs up document
  • Guides you to choose the choose right template
  • Transfers large blocks of references from your other documents
  • Saves sources in database
  • Re-creates entire reference table in document
  • Uses School required specific formats
  • Auto connects your document to selected research paper format
  • Helped thousands of students with their formatting
  • Helped students at the University of Phoenix and many other schools
Gerard Daniels ?March 2012 to September 2012 Systems Analyst and Business Work Flow Analyst - An international company specializing in the industrial production of wire cloth and wire products. Created/Updated sales, production, and shipping reports in Crystal Reports 8.5, Interviewed personnel to create flow-charts and workflow analysis narrative of multiple business units. Wrote MS-SQL scripts.

DMS Systems, Inc. - Jan. 1994 to August 2011 (Note: None of the dates below in parenthesis were for work done as contiguous contracts for DMS)

Bristolite Skylights: Designed, implemented, and published company website that now calculates the prices, options and extras for many of their skylights.
  • Reduced time to write estimates for prospective customers to one day
  • No other competitor could produce these estimates in less than a week
  • Increased sales as a result of timeliness
  • CEO was overwhelmed by the usefulness of same day quoting
  • System paid for itself within 4 months
  • Created huge competitive advantage Bristolite Skylights

Contract VB-SQL programmer for Management Health Services in Ontario California. Created / Modified VB program to act as a utility clean up for management processes. Wrote VBA program to imbed transcription data into relevant MS Word documents. Modified existing MS Access program to improve accuracy of document transcription turn-around time statistics.


Contract VB programmer for Gateway Title Company in Burbank California. Wrote program to automatically notify sales agents of any new escrow office sales orders. Included VBA interface to e-mail from Microsoft Outlook.


Imagisoft: Contract Programmer for Imagisoft in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Using Visual Basic 6, wrote and designed financial Planning Software for major Life Insurance Companies including Waddell & Reed.
  • Contracted with Imagisoft to Build Retirement Calculator
  • Did Systems Analysis for project requirements, process and output
  • Compared contributions of IRA, 457 Plan, Keogh and SEP
  • Auto estimates life expectancy for self and spouse
  • Crystal Reports: used to create reports & Graphs
  • On time and in Budget
  • VP of Marketing Debra Zipp offered to stand in a commercial for Imagisoft

Contract programmer and systems analyst for meat packing plant. Used MS Access, SQL and Visual Basic to design and write all custom programs. Designed and wrote manifest and bill of lading system to track all out going trucking information. Complete Inventory program to track packaging materials. Paychex payroll interface program to track all payroll checks. Built interface program to collect and track all checks from Wells Fargo telecommunications program. Engineered software program to send trucking and invoice data to major meat buyer through STX telecommunications system. Created separate program to send shipping schedules through same STX software. Wrote program to send laboratory testing analysis of meat samples to major meat purchaser with multiple custom reports to internet interface. Designed reports to track back from the manifest data where and when all the meat was shipped from any one day’s production. Designed and created reports to track daily meat production volume using embedded SQL code in VB program.


Consultant for Encore Entertainment an insurance agency. Directed all aspects of data processing. Directed implementation of new software and formulated necessary design changes for package software. Directed and taught programmers on methods and properties of custom entertainment insurance rating processes. Tested and verified custom programming changes and directed implementation of new customized software system.


Designed and co-wrote MS Access Claims system for Blue Cross of West Virginia through Data Co-ordinators in Brea California (1996).


Programmer / Analyst for RBJ Computers a large escrow software company. Designed and coded programs in Clipper and Visual Basic to create escrow company management reports (1995).


Education: Cal Poly and - 2002. Brigham Young University, B.S. Agricultural Economics. Course work in Computer Science (BASIC), Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, and Technical Writing. Computer Learning Center. Cum Laude. Languages: R.P.G. II, COBOL, and IBM Assembler.